Add testers to your iOS app

Adding and Inviting External Testers

You can invite up to 1000 users to be external testers per app. First, you add external testers, and then you invite them to test your app. You’ll need an email address for each tester and optionally their first and last names. Your app must pass Beta App Review before you can invite your external testers to test it. The build will be available to them for 30 days after the invitations are sent.

To invite add external testers and invite them to test your app

  1. On the External Testers pane in the Prerelease section, click Add (+) and choose Add New Testers.
  2. Enter the email, first name, and last name of each external tester.
  3. To import a list of email addresses, click Import File.

    Choose a CSV file with the following format:

    first name, last name, email address

    For more information, download the  testing import template.

  4. Optionally, under the “Add to Groups” section, check the groups or add a group you want to add the user to.
  5. Click Add.

Alternatively, add an existing tester by choosing Add Existing Testers from the Add (+) pop-up menu and selecting testers from the list.

To invite external testers from the Builds tab

  1. Click the Builds tab.
  2. In the External Testing column, click Send Invites.

The build status changes to Active and displays the number of days of availability remaining. The external testers will receive email directing them to use the TestFlight app on their iOS devices to accept the invitation.  TestFlight can be downloaded from the invitation email or the App Store.

To continue testing after the 30-day period expires, upload another build. Internal testers automatically receive an update notification when the new build is available. To distribute the new build to external testers, you resubmit it to Beta App Review. As soon as it is approved, you can send the external testers an update email by clicking Send Invites from the External Testers column on Builds, as shown above.

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