Google Play submission checklist

What you should have ready for your app

Forgetting items from the submission you make to the Google Play Store will lead to rejection. Prepare your app-store submission by ensuring that you have included each of the items on this checklist. We provide links to Google Play optimization tricks.

Before submitting your application to the Google Play, check that you have:

App name

More info and tips  here.

Short description

More info and tips  here.

Long description

More info and tips  here.

App Screenshots

More info and tips   here.

App icon

High resolution application icon 512px x 512px created. Ensure that the 512px x 512px image you're preparing to submit with your APK file matches the icon images compiled into your application.

App rating

Your application content rating chosen.


Category selected.


Will it be a free app, or a paid app? If so, how much will it cost?

Distribution territories selected

In which country your app will be released.

The support website URL working

Can be your website if you don’t have one. 


Ensure the P12 certificate you compile your app with is valid for a minimum of 25 years from the date you submit the app.

APK File

Ensure your application APK file is correctly compiled for device release and is bug free. Test on your Android device.

Promotional graphic (optional)

An optional feature graphic (optional)
An optional promotional video link setup.


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