Apple App Store submission checklist

What you should have ready for your app

Forgetting items from the submission you make to the Apple App Store will lead to rejection. Prepare your app-store submission by ensuring that you have included each of the items on this checklist. We provide links to App Store optimization tricks.

Before submitting your application to the Apple App Store, check that you have:

App name

Sometimes referred to as the app title, the app name is the single most important part of optimizing your mobile app. The Apple app name serves as both a primary field for indexing by Apple, and a key tool for converting app store views to installs. If viewers of the app don’t immediately understand what the app is and does from the app name, they will move on.

More info and tips here.


As mobile app marketers know, much of Apple’s app store search and discovery data is hidden.

Here is what we know about Mobile App Search:
- The app name and the app’s keywords field are indexed
- Downloads and download velocity impacts rankings in app store search
- Ratings quality and velocity have an impact
Description is indexed – if not weighted heavily
- Reviews are indexed – if not weighted heavily

More info and tips here.

App description

Creating a great title, icon and screenshots are critical to your app’s success in the App Store. However, don’t overlook the iOS app description. If a user is interested enough in your app to read the description, it could make or break their decision to tap “get.” If you’re not sure what you should put in your description, we’ve listed some tips below.

More info and tips here.

App Screenshots

Adding screenshots of your app when submitting to iTunes Connect seems simple enough, right? Take screenshots, upload the files, done. However, the screenshot area is a very important part of how users perceive your app and you should be sure to know the answers to these technical and strategic questions.

More info and tips here.


You have to choose your Primary and secondary categories within the following list:
Books, Business, Catalogs, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Games, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Photo & Video, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities, Weather

Copyright attribution

The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, "2008 Acme Inc."). Do not provide a URL.

App rating

You will be asked to answer questions to determine the app rating.

The SKU number

Guarana will provide it.

Application website URL working

The support website URL working

Can be your website if you don’t have one.

Support Email Address

The End User License Agreement written, if required


Will it be a free app, or a paid app? If so, how much will it cost?

The available date chosen

When do you want to release your app once it has been accepted by Apple?

Distribution territories selected

In which country your app will be released.

App icon

Large App Icon 512px x 512px created. Ensure that the 512px x 512px image you're preparing to submit with your IPA file matches the icon images compiled into your application.

Guarana will provide it.

App compilation

Your compiled app with an Apple Distribution Certificate and a Distribution - App Store Provisioning profile.

Guarana will provide it.

App IPA File

Your application IPA file correctly compiled and bug free. Test on your iOS device.

Guarana will provide it.


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