Android Google Play submission process

Submitting Your App to the Store

Before publishing on Google Play we want to make sure sure that:

  • Your developer profile has the correct information and is linked to the proper Google payments merchant account (if you’re selling products).
  • You have the right version of the apps uploaded.
  • All parts of your store listing are ready, including all graphic assets, screenshots, video, localized descriptions, and so on.
  • You have set your app's pricing to free or priced.
  • You have set country (and carrier) targeting and priced your products (if appropriate) in buyer currencies
  • "Compatible devices" shows that your apps are reaching the devices that you’re targeting. If not, you should check with your development team on the apps’ requirements and filtering rules.
  • You’ve provided the correct link to your website and the correct support email address.
  • Your apps don’t violate content policy guidelines.
  • You’ve acknowledged that your apps meets the guidelines for Android content on Google Play and also US export laws.

Your apps are now ready to publish!

Publishing on Android is quite fast, a couple of hours and your app will start to appear on the Store!

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