View crash reports on iOS

All crash logs contain stack traces for each thread at the time of termination. To view a crash log, open it from the Xcode Organizer window. As long as your Mac computer has the archive corresponding to the version of the app that generated the crash log, Xcode automatically resolves any addresses in the crash log with the actual classes and functions in the app.

To download and view crash reports from iTunes Connect

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.
  2. On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps.
  3. Locate the app, and click the large icon or app name.
  4. In the Versions pane, select the version, scroll to the bottom, and under Additional Information, click Crash Reports.

    Crash Reports appears only if iTunes Connect has crash logs available for this version of the app.

  5. Click Download Report in the row of the crash report you want to download.

To view the crash reports in Xcode, follow the steps in  Analyzing Crash Reports.

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